1. What is CURRENCY Compass?

CURRENCY Compass is an excellent real-time tool, aimed primarily at Corporate / Exporter / Importer, helping them to identify Multi Trends & take advantage of the extreme volatility in the currency markets. It is ideally suited for Hedgers & those wanting a medium-term / long-term view on the currency on a real-time basis.

2. It is available for which all symbols?

Currently, CURRENCY Compass is available for USDINR Currency pair ONLY. However, we could look into requests for other currency pairs as well in future.

3. What are the advantages of CURRENCY Compass?

CURRENCY Compass is "THE Unique Tool" available in the market, and it can be made available on IPhones & Android Phones as well which have internet connection. It is color coded so it becomes very easy to take decisions. RED Color indicates BEARISH Trend whereas DARK Green indicates BULLISH Trend. There is a dynamic trailing stop-line as well for managing the positions.

4. How do I use CURRENCY Compass?

You will have to select the subscription plan as per your requirement, and once the payment formalities are completed, you will be provided a secure USERNAME & PASSWORD which can be used by you to login into a secure system to view the trends on real-time basis. There will be other communication models as well.

5. What is the logic behind the CURRENCY Compass for trend identification?

CURRENCY Compass has been developed using many technical indicators which are able to identify major trends. We have made it very simple to understand & use, with the complex formulas & indicators working in the background to generate the trends.

6. Do I need to install any software?

We believe in keeping things sophisticated yet SIMPLE, so you will not need to install any software. However, for viewing on Phones, an app will be required to be installed, which is FREE.

7. Will it guarantee to help you in the markets?

We offer you a DEMO for using CURRENCY Compass for 15 Days, and only once you are convinced of its ADVANTAGE, we recommend you to go for the subscription. You are most likely to find this as something really unique and helpful. The ODDS increase significantly for you to be on the right side of the market.

8. How is it different from other tools?

To our knowledge, there is no other tool which stands in competition to CURRENCY Compass. "SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT."

9. How much does it cost & what is the payment schedule?

For pricing structure, please go through the Subscriptions Page for details.

10. Whom do I contact incase I have any query?

Incase of any query, you can write to us at support@spotgains.in OR
call Pinkesh Shah @ (0)9820888098


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