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Our Philosophy

  1. Our Objective is to design and develop, cutting edge unique tools for Traders, Investors & Hedgers, offering them opportunities to sail through the global financial markets with Confidence & Profits on real-time basis @ value for money.
  2. We enshrine the BELIEF that "EMPOWERING" our clients, to help them take the right decisions in the financial markets is our SOLE OBJECTIVE.
  3. We believe in complete TRANSPARENCY and all our actions & efforts will demonstrate the same, time and again.
  4. We are always ready to go the extra mile for our clients, be it in helping understand the markets better or be it understanding of money management.
  5. There is a "METHOD TO THE MADNESS". We believe that markets, be it equities / commodities / currencies, be it Indian markets or global markets, all offer excellent opportunities for trading / investing. AND we have the capability & expertise to help our clients take advantage of the same.
  6. Being able to Identity a TREND is BETTER THAN a THOUSAND PREDICTIONS. "Being Right & Being Able To Sit Tight" is the KEY.
  7. "Ride The Winners" & "Cut The Losers" is the overriding philosophy that inspires us in all our endeavors. Cutting losses should be easy once they are predefined. Not willing to take losses, is akin to "Willing to breathe in BUT not willing to breathe out."
  8. We hold the view that MONEY MANAGEMENT is a critical aspect of Trading / Investing / Hedging as there are No Certainties, ONLY ODDS.
  9. Trends, Technology & Money Management are the cornerstones of success in financial markets, and we are committed to unraveling them for ourselves and our clients.


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