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Vault by Spotgains
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VAULT a personal wealth management software.

Vault from Spotgains
Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAULT?

Vault is a comprehensive Personal Wealth Management Software application that allows you to create, store and maintain your financial records - and thus ensures that you have better control and full knowledge about your assets and wealth. It has several power packed features that are guaranteed to make your financial records easy to access and update.

How do I install VAULT?

VAULT does not need installation. It runs directly from the USB pen drive on which it is sold. However, it does need some components to be installed on the host PC. These are Windows Installer, .NET Framework and some Crystal Reports components. These are also provided on the USB Pen Drive and are usually installed automatically at the time of your first run. However, you can also install them manually.

What if I lose or damage my USB Pen Drive?

VAULT is likely to contain your important financial data. Therefore it needs to be taken care of. However if you were to lose or damage the USB Pen Drive, you will need to buy another copy from VSoft. However, if there is a manufacturing defect with the drive, then there is a one year replacement warranty from VSoft.

Can I take Backups of data onto my PC?

VAULT allows you to take backups of your data on a local drive or a location specified by you, and has a Menu option from where you can choose this function. It is strongly recommended that you take regular backups for safety purposes.

How do I register VAULT before use?

VAULT can be registered either by phone or via the Internet. In both cases, you will receive a code which needs to be entered in the software, and on authentication, VAULT will start working. Once your copy of VAULT is registered, you can then run VAULT on any other PC without Installation.

Do I get the latest Stock market rates in the VAULT application?

Yes and No. The rates you get are one day old. VAULT downloads the closing rates for the previous day from the Net. The rates are updated to the VSoft server at 10 AM each morning. So after 10 AM, you can get rates for the previous day close. However it should be noted that users get free downloads of Stock market rates via internet service for one year from the date of registration. Thereafter, you need to subscribe for a further period at the applicable rates (currently Rs. 1,250/- for one year).

Can I install VAULT directly on my PC?

No. The current version of VAULT runs directly from the pen drive and cannot and need not be installed on a PC. VAULT was exclusively created for mobility.

Can I export reports to MS EXCEL for further analysis?

Yes. All reports from VAULT can be directly exported to Microsoft WORD or EXCEL. In addition, reports can also be exported to PDF format.

How many family members details can I maintain using VAULT?

VAULT comes by default for two members only - that is you and one other member. You can purchase additional members facility (Currently at Rs. 1,200/- per additional family member). This facility supports up to 10 members (meaning 2+10=12 members) . For families larger than this you will need to purchase a different version of VAULT.

Does each family member have a unique password?

No. VAULT has only one password for the entire family.

How secure is my Data?

Vault Data is secured on the pen drive using TrueCrypt - A 256 bit encryption tool available free on internet. VAULT Data is stored in a Microsoft Access Database. It is password protected. However, users are advised to take regular backups for safety.

How do I get help in running VAULT?

VAULT has several levels of help. Firstly, there is On Screen Help. This help appears below each screen, wherein the can view screen-specific information. There are also Video tutorials on various topics. VAULT also has an extensive document containing detailed information about each screen & its use.

What support do I get in case I face a problem with VAULT?

In the event of an operational problem that cannot be solved with the help as mentioned above, you can email VSoft support executives at support@myvault.in to get responses to specific queries. Alternately, you could call the phone numbers mentioned on the packaged box.

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